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How to receive eBytes

1) Exchange trading

Buy eBytes at the right time and see their value rise. You can always exchange eByte via BTC or ETH for USD / EUR. Participate in trading and contribute to a rise in the share price of eByte.

2) Competitive gaming

Play on your own or with your team in rankings and tournaments. As a result adequate awards are waiting for you which you have deserved for a long time already.

3) Service Market

Are you a coder, graphic designer or copywriter? Sell your skills on our market and service platform at a reasonable price. Use our platform to find and be found.

4) Sponsoring

Establish a measurable market value of your project by using eByte to facilitate a quicker decision for possible sponsors.


5) Donations

Are you creating strong content passionately? Help your fans to more easily support your project with fast eByte donations.

6) Own projects

Are you having the idea that the eSport was still missing? Present it to the community and find supporters to get everything necessary for your idea.

7) Gaming Portals

Demonstrate your skills in our betting and casinoportals. Having the right instinct and a small portion of luck you will be able to make good profit here which you can pay off easily and directly.

8) Mining

Through mining you generate new eBytes. Download our wallet and start with the GPU mining process. Specifically tailored to eSport, the mining process is more hardware saving relative to the most other cryptocoins.

Informations about the project


Who uses the eByte

Whether players, dedicated teams, leagues of different game genres, streamers, admins or modders...

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How to receive eBytes

Be rewarded for digital services in a simple and safe way. More than mining and trading...

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What awaits you

Cash flow in digital sport, a contractual system for leagues, teams, clubs and players, Platforms...

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Meet our Advisors

Technical Advisor

Draglet is a blockchain service provider with many years of experience, going back to the beginning of Bitcoin and Ethereum technology.

Gaming Advisor

Playmassive GmbH runs some of the biggest YouTube channels in Germany and is well known for supporting projects and brands with their expertise.

Legal Advisor

CRYPTO LEGAL is a popular German advisor for legal and tax questions on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, DAOs, bitcoins or blockchain.

Community Advisor

Mosspole is a group of ICO consultants and community managers assisting projects in community development and management.

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