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What awaits you?


The eByte will be listed on all popular crypto exchanges. This will allow you to trade your coins. You can exchange eBytes directly to Bitcoin or Ethereum and then to USD or EUR.


Support the eByte network through simple mining. Make your contribution to increase the security of the whole community and increase the revenue of your league, your team of yourself.


Competitive gaming requires the best equipment. Whether a new PC, console, mouse, keyboard, gamepad screen or headset – with eByte you can make your gamer wishes come true.


eByte is eCash for eSport and therefore your reward for competitive gaming. Get the equivalent of your gaming achievements you´ve earned.

The Wallet

The Wallet is your account on your PC or smartphone for receiving and sending eBytes and eBits. Modern – Efficient – User-friendly


Establish your own inimitable team on the blockchain and create tradable shares. Hold your share capital or involve third parties form a greater financial leeway.

Market values

Manage your ownership of leagues or teams and see their market value rise. On the first eSport marketplace trading of shares becomes reality. Impress investors of your project and obtain necessary money.

Social Boost

Find the right partners and get access to the gaming scene to make you and your team more interesting for fans and viewers. Take advantage of the easily accessible support from professionals and focus only on your success!

Contract and transfer

Bind players or teams to your project. Through contracts via blockchain you make long-term plans for your project and with a fixed budget. We will revolutionize transfers in the digital world. Make the best offer and secure to get the next upcoming star for your team.

Betting portals

Bet on your favorite players, teams and leagues of the eSport scene. Watch live streams and experience the thrill of eSport up close. As a team or league you can trade streaming rights to content marketers and benefit directly from it.

eByte Games

Browsergames, smartphonemanager, sports manager, football manager, motorsport manager, tennis manager. Play online with your team in rankings and leagues, win coins and use them to build up your team.


By using eBytes you can fast support your leagues, streamer, youtuber or caster worldwide. Reward others for their commitment.

Informations about the project


Who uses the eByte

Whether players, dedicated teams, leagues of different game genres, streamers, admins or modders...

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How to receive eBytes

Be rewarded for digital services in a simple and safe way. More than mining and trading...

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What awaits you

Cash flow in digital sport, a contractual system for leagues, teams, clubs and players, Platforms...

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Meet our Advisors

Technical Advisor

Draglet is a blockchain service provider with many years of experience, going back to the beginning of Bitcoin and Ethereum technology.

Gaming Advisor

Playmassive GmbH runs some of the biggest YouTube channels in Germany and is well known for supporting projects and brands with their expertise.

Legal Advisor

CRYPTO LEGAL is a popular German advisor for legal and tax questions on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, DAOs, bitcoins or blockchain.

Community Advisor

Mosspole is a group of ICO consultants and community managers assisting projects in community development and management.

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