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The eByte unites


Are you a passionate player? eByte will reward your commitment. Receive price money through your participation in tournaments and ligate events and improve your gaming setup with your new budget.


Generate revenue from participation in league and tournament events, talentscouting and transfer deals with your team. You can manage your team like a real sport team.


Market values, prize money, development of your platform. You can do all this with eByte. Get rewards for your commitment, increase the attractiveness of your platform and stand out from the competition.


A new way of being a fan awaits you. Support your favorite player and streamer in an innovative way. Additionally you will be able to place bets for your favorite top games directly on new eByte betting portals.


You are streamers, caster, modders, programmers, admins, editors, bloggers, youtuber .... Regardless of your role in the digital community, with eByte, you can now grow current projects and make new projects funded.


You can find attractive investment opportunities and check market values at marketplaces. Purchase shares of teams or even whole leagues. Every investment and share will be kept secure in the blockchain.


Are you organizing eSport tournaments with your community? Use eByte and increase the attractiveness of your project. Additionally by using eByte the distribution of prize money and participation fees can be handled quickly and safely.


With eByte you can support new projects in eSports. As a result leagues, teams and players have funds to fully exploit their potential. Through eByte secure partnerships via blockchain and contracts will be feasible.

Informations about the project


Who uses the eByte

Whether players, dedicated teams, leagues of different game genres, streamers, admins or modders...

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How to receive eBytes

Be rewarded for digital services in a simple and safe way. More than mining and trading...

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What awaits you

Cash flow in digital sport, a contractual system for leagues, teams, clubs and players, Platforms...

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Meet our Advisors

Technical Advisor

Draglet is a blockchain service provider with many years of experience, going back to the beginning of Bitcoin and Ethereum technology.

Gaming Advisor

Playmassive GmbH runs some of the biggest YouTube channels in Germany and is well known for supporting projects and brands with their expertise.

Legal Advisor

CRYPTO LEGAL is a popular German advisor for legal and tax questions on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, DAOs, bitcoins or blockchain.

Community Advisor

Mosspole is a group of ICO consultants and community managers assisting projects in community development and management.

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