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Vision of the eByte

The main objective of the eByte project is the creation of an internationally accepted and widely used monetary system for E-Sports. Whether players, dedicated teams, leagues of different game genres, streamers, admins or modders – every E-Sport enthusiast should be able to benefit from his or her commitment. By using eBytes, all achievements in the field of digital sport are to be adequately remunerated and the decentralized nature of E-Sport is to be maintained.

Achieving objectives:

To achieve this goal, various platforms will be created in advance. Currently we develop a contract system as well as a service market that allows providers of services (e.g. streaming, modding, casting) to offer their services in exchange for appropriate compensation in eByte. Additionally we develop a multiplayer football manager with an integrated eByte monetary system. The use of our portals is not a must to trade with eByte since immediately after the publication of our coins, trading with eBytes will be possible on common Crypto exchanges.

Prize money and sustainability:

With the release of the eByte, it will be possible to distribute prize money and start fees like in real sports. By establishing such a monetary system in the participating leagues, teams and players can be rewarded for their successes. To support the sustainability of the eByte and a lively course, we intend to realize various platforms for games using the eByte. Therefore we focus in the development of casino portals, websites for mini-games and mobile apps and games.

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Who uses the eByte

Whether players, dedicated teams, leagues of different game genres, streamers, admins or modders...

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How to receive eBytes

Be rewarded for digital services in a simple and safe way. More than mining and trading...

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What awaits you

Cash flow in digital sport, a contractual system for leagues, teams, clubs and players, Platforms...

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Meet our Advisors

Technical Advisor

Draglet is a blockchain service provider with many years of experience, going back to the beginning of Bitcoin and Ethereum technology.

ICO Advisor

New Alchemy coordinates successful ICO launches by providing clients with smart contract development and project management.

Legal Advisor

CRYPTO LEGAL is a popular German advisor for legal and tax questions on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, DAOs, bitcoins or blockchain.

Community Advisor

Mosspole is a group of ICO consultants and community managers assisting projects in community development and management.

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